Our School

Because of our commitment to the development of Christian character, our campus feels like home and our staff and students like family. Students complete studies at our school as well-rounded individuals mentally, physically, socially and spiritually.


Due to our excellence in academics, students at our school consistently score higher than the national average on standardized tests. For further information, please contact our school directly.


We employ teachers with the highest levels of integrity to be part of our campus. Their expertise and passion for education create a winning environment where students receive clear instructions, personal feedback and one-on-one interaction specific to their needs.

Our teachers strive to create Christ-centered environments in their classrooms allowing students to grow together in a safe spiritual, social and academic setting. When combined with our low student-to-teacher ratio, we are enabled to prepare students not only for a life of service but also for a personal commitment to God.


The philosophy of the Maranatha Christian School is based on the belief that all true wisdom and knowledge come from God and that the very foundation of true education is the fear of the Lord. The highest education is found in the Word of the Living God, and a correct knowledge of the Scriptures lies at the foundation of all true education. The precepts and principles of religion are the first steps in the acquisition of knowledge.
Education must include the communion of the mind of man with the mind of God. This communion should lead to the acceptance, in sentiment and principle, of the teachings of Jesus Christ. The principles of education given by Jesus are the only safe guide. When the great truths of God’s word are believed, received and carried into the life practice, education of the highest order results.

True education is the harmonious development of the physical, the mental, and the spiritual powers. It embraces physical, mental, and moral training in order that all the powers shall be fitted for the best development to do service for God, and to work for the uplifting of humanity. Education comprises more than a knowledge of books, and will be of little value if there is no physical strength to use it after it is gained. Knowledge of labor for practical life is essential. Heart education is most important. Moral, intellectual and physical training should be combined to have well-developed, well-balanced boys and girls, young men and women.

The curriculum supports and includes the doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, which are based on the Bible.


The mission of Maranatha Christian School is to assist the youth in arranging their priorities in such a way that they will first seek the kingdom of God while striving for academic excellence through the harmonious development of the physical, the mental, and the spiritual powers. This priority will encourage our students to develop a love for God and people which will be shown through unselfish service, self-discipline, a spirit of unity and cooperation, respect for those in authority, reverence for God and spiritual things by which they will gain a better understanding of Bible principles which will be put into practice.

Seventh-day Adventists Believe

  • In the divine and eternal God consisting of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  • In the power of the gospel to transform and give new birth to human character bringing it into harmony with that of Jesus Christ.
  • In the Bible as the inspired word of God and the only basic rule of faith, doctrine, and guide for Christian lifestyle.
  • In the soon, glorious, visible return of Jesus Christ as the Divine Deliverer of His people.
  • In salvation by faith alone in the finished sacrifice of Jesus Christ on Calvary’s Cross.
  • That on the basis of His sacrifice, Jesus, our one and only High Priest is now in the heavenly sanctuary interceding before the Father in behalf of His earthly brethren.
  • That the Ten Commandments, written with the finger of God, were perfectly lived by one Man, Jesus Christ.
  • Therefore, it is the responsibility of every Christian to allow Christ to live out these commandments in his/her own life.
  • That Christ perfectly kept the seventh-day Sabbath as originally given to man at creation and written as part of the ten commandments; therefore, every Christian has the moral responsibility to keep it holy.
  • That God alone is immortal, and that man’s immortality is a gift in Christ Jesus, obtained in Him.
  • That the resurrection of Christ is full proof that the Christian’s hope of immortality lies in the morning of the resurrection at the Second Coming of Jesus.
  • That man’s state in death is one of unconsciousness from which he will awake and rise from the grave on the morning of the resurrection.
  • That baptism by immersion is the Christian’s public confession of his faith in Christ’s power to save. It is the celebration of the resurrection given to the church by the apostles.
  • In celebrating the Lord’s Supper in total as a memorial of His sacrifice.
  • In the gifts of the Spirit, including the gift of prophecy as manifested in the ministry of Ellen White. All gifts must stand the test of Scripture.