Why Going to College is Important

A college degree unlocks the key to success in life. It opens new doors of opportunities for students that a high school diploma won’t be able to provide. Going to college could be an option for some families; but you would not want to miss out on life-changing opportunities by skipping a college degree. There really are no shortcuts to success as it does not really happen overnight as much as advertising claims would put it.

Going to college allows you to explore your career options in life. You can explore readily in and out of the campus as you can get training or even start working right away. College is a transition to something more flexible – in terms of schedule, activities, time, and organizations; et cetera – which provides you an opportunity to get organized and be independent.

This is relatively easier to accomplish now more than ever because online college degrees allow flexible schedule and payment options for students aiming to beef up their CVs. College can certainly help you achieve your dreams and make it happen.

Check out the reasons why going to college is important:

More jobs knocking at your door.

You tap on a wider market reach with a bachelor’s degree. Most employers would want to hire people with a college degree because they are expected to be more high-paying jobs as compared to just being contented with a high school diploma that gives you entry-level or non-skilled positions with a much lower pay. You also get more career options especially if you pursue higher studies like a Masters or Doctorate degree depending on your specialization. Career advancement opportunities become limitless with a college degree to boot.

Bigger paycheck.

Higher skills account for higher pay and you can get to this stature with a college degree. According to the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association, a college degree will earn you a hefty paycheck amounting to around $50,000 per year while a high school graduate can earn $30,000 a year; which has a wide disparity of at least $20,000 but it all depends on your industry as well as expertise level. Your skillset acquired by finishing college will also qualify you to a high-paying job with a more attractive compensation package plus commissions and eligibility for a raise in the near future.

Added benefits.

A benefits package is most often available with a job that accepts college graduates. This is rarely provided though for employees with a high school diploma. You can get more benefits in terms of healthcare insurance, retirement package, travel and commuting reimbursements, health savings accounts, free childcare, and tuition reimbursements; among others.

Career stability.

Most college graduates get to keep their jobs for a long time. In times of recession, employees who are high school graduates are most affected as their employment could be cut off while employees with a bachelor’s degree or higher enjoy job stability or security of tenure.

Motivate children to finish college.

Having parents who have both attained a bachelor’s degree is inspiring and worth emulating. This accounts for more kids getting into college especially when one or both parents have also attained a college degree. This is said to have a sort of domino effect or ripple effect which inspires generations to follow by example. This results to college graduates emerging from generation to generation which ensures success and stability in careers for the entire family tree.

Getting a college degree is an investment you make today for the future. It involves a lot of hard work, determination, and persistence but promises a rewarding career at the end of the tunnel.

If you want to be successful in your chosen career path and providing a comfortable life for your family, then a college degree is your ticket to achieving exactly that.