Why Christian Education is Important

As a parent, you are a child’s first teacher and it is your responsibility to instill Christian values at an early age so that living a Christ-driven existence would be second nature to your kids and help them prepare for a Christian education. Most parents think that Christian education is expensive and they cannot afford it. Contrary to popular belief, Christian education is a worthy investment especially if you aim to hone and rear God-fearing children.

Schools have different teaching principles guided by their view of the world and how students ought to play their roles in the society. Christian schools reinforce the importance of worldview on education, integrating and deepening faith in God, as well as inspiring the Christian family.

There must be a synergy of academic excellence and spiritual awakening in students which can be attained by getting a Christian education. This is a critical choice to make for parents who want the best for their children’s future. Christian schools provide the balance of providing competitive and exemplary academic education while instilling the values and examples of a Christ-centered life.

Here are the reasons why Christian education is important:

Academic standards in Christian schools are better compared to regular public or private schools.

There is a misconception that Christian education focuses on Christian teachings and tones down academic teachings; but this is not how it works. In fact, Christian education provides a holistic approach in education where academic excellence and Christian educations is combined to produce the highest standards in education which is not equally or adequately met in regular schools. A Christian education provides your children better education because it molds Christ-centered individuals and also maintains and perfects academic excellence.

Christian values and ethics are further reinforced with Christian education.

Children learn by example and this is emphasized in a Christian upbringing wherein parents play as primary role models and educators. This is then further strengthened by having a Christian education wherein students learn to handle chaos even when placed in a chaotic world. A Christian education serves as a moral compass and a guide to living everyday battles and not succumbing to immorality or misdeed.

Teacher-student ratio is lower in Christian schools.

Regular schools would allow a teacher to handle more students (maximum of 30 to 40 in a class) which could be quite a handful and makes it impossible or difficult for learning to transpire. With Christian schools, there is a lower teacher-student ratio which facilitates heightened academic learning and Christian formation which one cannot get from a regular school with an enormous class size. Students then are given individualized attention which makes it possible for learning and Christian understanding to materialize.

Positive peer relationships.

You will be confident and have peace of mind that your kids are going to school in a safe and healthy environment because they are surrounded by good peers and educators that will influence and motivate them to excel academically as well as to good people and contribute constructively in the society. Knowing that your children will have positive influences around a Christian school is certainly worthy of getting a Christian education.

A Christian-based curriculum helps integrate a well-rounded individual to the modern society equipped with the strength and wisdom provided by a Christian education. This is a complementary, supportive, and well-integrated education that provides a Christian worldview on basically everything while maintaining academic excellence to help your children be at par to global standards which will help him or her land a job effortlessly while becoming a productive and inspiring Christian leader in the society.